Alfred Rue Burch

  1. Activity Transitions in Japanese Oral Proficiency Interviews (with Gabriele Kasper, University of Hawai’i at Manoa & Waka Tominaga, Kapi’olani Community College)
  2. Host-Family Interaction as site for developing Interactional Competence
  3. Language Partner Interaction: Conversation or Interview?
  4. Assessing Interactional Competence: The Role of Intersubjectivity in a Paired-Speaking Assessment Task (with Katharina Kley)

Wei-Li Hsu

  1. Instruction of Reading Strategies in an Intermediate Chinese Class
  2. Incorporating Democratic Assessment in a Chinese Language Class
  3. Examine Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown as a Student Project in a Chinese Heritage Classroom
  4. A Comparison of Students’ Performance in Face-to-Face and Virtual Reality Oral Tests

Aisulu Raspayeva

  1. Pedagogical Effects of Incorporating Authentic Doctor-Patient Interactions into Medical Chinese Language Curriculum.
  2. Discourse Analysis of Oral Histories and Language Attitudes among Kazakh and Russian Immigrants of the Houston and Los-Angeles Areas.
  3. Narrative Discourse Analysis of Self-presentation and Gendered Identity in the Personal Stories of the Kazakh-speaking Village Residents.